General FAQs For Erranders

What is ErranderWeb®?

Errander® is one stop for all your errands. ErranderWeb was launched with the idea of giving non iOS users a platform to post errands, while Errander works on getting the android version ready.

Whether you need someone to pick up milk, to drop your parcel at the post office or to pick up your furniture, Errander has you covered.

Don’t have any errands to be done? No problem! Why not complete an errand nearby for a few extra bucks. There’s no better feeling than helping a neighbour out.

If your an iOS user it’s recommended that you use the app on the app store.

Welcome to the on-demand sharing economy of errands.

Is Errander® in my city?

Errander® is available across Australia.

How to be an Errander?

Signing up to be an Errander is very easy. Just head to and select the “Register Now” button. You can sign-up using a valid email address and password. After signing up be sure to verify your account.

ErranderWeb unlike the app doesn’t process Errand payments, and Errand fee needs to be settled by both parties outside the platform.

For a more user-friendly experience kindly use the Errander app on your iOS device, it supports live tracking, payments and so much more.

How much is the ErranderWeb service fee?

ErranderWeb allows you to post and complete errands for free, for a duration of 30 days. After which you will be charged an amount of $20 every six months.

Is there a registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee.

Is there a minimum age requirement for Errander®?

All Erranders must meet an age requirement in order to use Errander®. Please read through our Terms of Use.

What do I need to complete Errands?

To Complete Errands: You must verify yourself by providing valid id proof for approval. After the verification is complete your all set to complete errands on ErranderWeb.

Your personal information is securely stored and maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

When do I get paid for completing an errand?

For any tasks completed through Erranderweb, you are required to settle the payment with your host outside the platform, as Erranderweb only provides a platform where you can post or complete errands.

How To Post An Errand

Before Registration:

Posting an Errand on ErranderWeb® is quite easy. All you’ll need is a laptop or computer and a good internet connection. Just head to and select the “Register Now” button. You can sign up with a valid email address and password. You’re almost ready to post your first errand.

Just make sure you are above 18 years old. Please read through our Terms of Use.

After Registration is complete:

After you log in, allow ErranderWeb® to send you notification and alerts. This can be changed later in settings.

Allow ErranderWeb® to access your location. This can be changed later in settings.

By clicking on the user icon at the top right corner, select “Profile” and add your location so that errands can be broadcasted based on your location and make sure your profile is complete.

You are done! You can now post your first Errand

Add a Listing:

Go to “Add a Listing”, enter the errand title. Please make sure the title is clear and clearly justifies your errand. Follow up with providing complete details of the task in the description section right below the title. Add as much information as needed to make sure the Errander completer clearly understands your need. ErranderWeb® has 9 categories for you to choose from:

Errands: For any small/quick errands like clothes ironing, lawn mowing or getting Errand completer to get you coffee.

Pickup/Dropoff: If you want Errand Completer to drop you somewhere you need to be. It is similar to a thing called TAXI. You can also use this category to transport ‘Small Items’- ‘Large Items’ – or Furniture.

Deliveries: Do you have something that needs to be delivered? Maybe it’s furniture that’s too big for your car, or even a parcel that needs to go to the post office. No problem, use this category.

Lend/Borrow: You know all those times that you’ve needed something and you think if only I had that on me. Maybe it was a screwdriver to fix a wobbly leg or a textbook or a charger. Well, this is what this category comes in. Lend or borrow ANYTHING through here.

People: What is one skill that you’ve always wished you had? Do you wish you could cook, change a tyre, or maybe trim the hedges. Well now, instead of wishing YOU can do it, just get Errand Completer with that skillset to help you out! Think outside the box on this, there are skills for everything!

Cleaning: Funnily enough, cleaning can be such a dirty word to people! It definitely isn’t everyone’s favorite errand – but there are Errand Completers out there who enjoy it! Do you need help cleaning your place? Use this category to find the right person to do your dirty work!

Assembly: Sometimes assembling a piece of furniture can end in tears. It’s okay if it’s not your forte, that’s what this category is here for. Find an Errand Completer to help build that flatpack you took forever to find. And don’t worry if you don’t have any tools, we can get that sorted for you as well!

Food Runs: WHO’S HUNGRY…? Oops what a silly question, OF COURSE you’re hungry. Well never fear, Order your goods and then find an Errand Completer who will pick it up and deliver your order straight to your door.

Other: For all those other odd errands that don’t seem to fit into any other categories! Maybe you need a painting for a present, or a quick website created for your new business. Whatever odd errands you need, this is for you!

Post an Errand:

Based on your requirements you can book an Errand Completer using ErranderWeb® for immediate assistance or days in advance.

Errand Completers may contact you via the “message” function and you’ll be notified on-site and via email.

You can view the offers received and contact the errand completer you think is the best for the task. Just head to “Messages” on the main bar and search for your errand completer by name. Or directly reply to their messages from your inbox.  Please keep a check on your notifications and alerts to respond/action any chat messages and updates about your errand.

Have an iOS device?? Download the app from the app store and enjoy the full potential of Errander. The Errander app will provide you additional benefits as mentioned below.

How to hire an Errand Completer for an Immediate or a Future Date errand:

This article will highlight all the key features of an ‘Errand Form’ available from our 9 categories of Errander® app. Your errand may or may not have some of these features. Features are based on your selection and your Errand requirements.

From the home screen select the category that best suits your errand from one of the suggested titles.

Errand Title: Input a title for your errand. Eg: Pickup clothes from drycleaners. Please note the title is for Errand Completers to see.

Description: Input description of your errand here. We recommend including as much information about your errand as possible for the best results. Eg.Can somebody from a XYZ supermarket buy for me half a dozen eggs (free ranged), Milk 2 Litre (Skimmed), Mars chocolate bar (250 grams), Vogue fashion magazine etc.

Type of Pickup/Dropoff: Select whichever is most appropriate or relevant to your errand. You can select multiple types based on your errand.

Pickup Point: Type or select the location where you want the Errand Completer to go. Eg. Tony’s Drycleaners, 222 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic, Australia 3000. The address bar has an autocomplete address location feature. Alternatively base on your errand you can leave this field blank as well.

Dropoff Point: Type or select the location where you want the Errand Completer to go for dropoff. The address bar has an autocomplete address location feature.

Task can be completed remotely: Select this option if you do not want your Errand Completer to go to a particular location. Eg. You want your Errand Completer to make a website and do not require them to come to your home or work location.

Transport mode: Select whichever transport mode best suits your errand. You can select single transport mode, multiple transport modes or not applicable.

Date of Errand: To book an Errand Completer for a particular date, select the Date of Errand and then Select a Start Time and Finish Time.

Start Time: This is the Starting point for when you want the errand to begin. Eg. you want the Errand Completer to collect your dry-cleaning not before 4:00 pm on a particular date.

Finish Time: This is the ending point for when you want the errand to be completed by. Eg. you want the Errand Completer to bring you groceries from the supermarket to your place no later than 7:00 pm on a particular date.

Immediate: Use this option when you want something done immediately.

Immediate errands have a 2 hours life span after which they will no longer be available for Errand Completers to see or accept.

Errand Fee:  Input the amount you are offering to pay for an Errand Completer to complete your errand. You can input any amount.

Approximate Cost of Goods: If you want your Errand Completer to buy something for the completion of your errand and you do not know that exact amount of the product then you can either leave this field blank or you can put an approximate amount. Your Errand Completer can modify this later during the errand run. The modification will only take effect after you approve it.

To Finalize posting press ‘Post Errand’. You will not be charged until your errand has been completed.

After Posting An Errand:

After your errand is posted, you will see Errand Completers with their offers. You will see recommendations for Errand Completers, including their reviews on their profile. Select Errand Completer’s image to learn more about them and determine if they’re a good match for your errand.

Select an Errand Completer that you are most comfortable with and accept their offer. You can now chat with your Errand Completer and able to enter more information about your errand.

If your errand requires the errand completer to buy stuff, Please remind them to bring you a receipt/tax invoice for the purchases.

General FAQs for Errand Posters

Can I edit my errand once it is posted?

After you have posted an errand, it will be live for 48 hours after which it will be automatically taken down. If you want your errand to be live for more than 48 hours please upgrade to featured.

By upgrading to featured you will also be able to edit your errands multiple times.

You can upgrade your errand task to featured at a cost of $5 per errand.

How to contact my Errander?

You can use the “Message” feature on Members within the ErranderWeb® platform only.

Or once you have confirmed your errand completer you can exchange your contact details.

How do I pay my Errander?

You are required to settle the Errand Fee with your Errand completer outside the platform.

If you want to make payments through Errander, Please download the app on the app store.

How do I reimburse my Errander for cost of goods?

If your errand requires your errand completer to make purchases from their pockets, remind them to bring a receipt or tax invoice of the same and settle the payment on product delivery.

What about ratings & reviews?

ErranderWeb® has a rating and review section after an errand is completed. This system enables future Errand Poster to make a better decision when selecting an Errand Completer. You as an Errand Poster will also be rated and reviewed by your Errand Completer too. We at Errander® use this information to improve user experience making Errander® a safe, comfortable and convenient community. We take feedback very seriously.

Can I get multiple Erranders for different errands?

Yes. You can get multiple errands done. Simply for the procedure of posting an errand by selecting your errand category.


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