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About Errander

Errander is based on a shared economy framework. One in 10 Australians boost their income through the sharing economy model by supplying services. Errander has been built to grow this model, and create a positive influence on Australian society.

Errand Categories

Errander is a one-stop for all errands. Errander has nine categories that you can choose from. From cleaning to assembly to deliveries – Errander has it all.

Share the load.

Errander beleives in sharing the load, and will assist you throughout your errand process. From posting an errand to managing your errand listing through to the completion of your errand, Our team at Errander will always be there to help.

Why Choose Errander?

1. Posting an Errand.

Posting a job on Errander is simple. Choose a category, enter relevant details such as the errand title, when you need it completed and a price you are willing to pay. Then wait for all the offers to roll in!

2. Complete errands to earn Money

Earn money by completing jobs around you – just look on the map for what’s close by!
You can even filter your job search based on categories, your mode of transport and how much you want to be paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to post my errand on Errander?

Based on your requirements you can book an Errand Completer using ErranderWeb® for immediate assistance or days in advance.

Errand Completers may contact you via the “message” function and you’ll be notified on-site and via email.

You can view the offers received and contact the errand completer you think is the best for the task. Just head to “Messages” on the main bar and search for your errand completer by name. Or directly reply to their messages from your inbox.  Please keep a check on your notifications and alerts to respond/action any chat messages and updates about your errand.

Have an iOS device?? Download the app from the app store and enjoy the full potential of Errander. The Errander app will provide you additional benefits as mentioned below.

How to hire an Errand Completer for an Immediate or a Future Date errand:

This article will highlight all the key features of an ‘Errand Form’ available from our 9 categories of Errander® app. Your errand may or may not have some of these features. Features are based on your selection and your Errand requirements.

From the home screen select the category that best suits your errand from one of the suggested titles.

Errand Title: Input a title for your errand. Eg: Pickup clothes from drycleaners. Please note the title is for Errand Completers to see.

Description: Input description of your errand here. We recommend including as much information about your errand as possible for the best results. Eg.Can somebody from a XYZ supermarket buy for me half a dozen eggs (free ranged), Milk 2 Litre (Skimmed), Mars chocolate bar (250 grams), Vogue fashion magazine etc.

Transport mode: Select whichever transport mode best suits your errand. You can select single transport mode, multiple transport modes or not applicable.

Errand Fee:  Input the amount you are offering to pay for an Errand Completer to complete your errand. You can input any amount.

To Finalize posting press ‘Submit’.

**Kindly note: the errands you post on ErranderWeb will be live for 48 hours, If you want your errand up and live for more days please upgrade to featured.

How to get in touch with my errand completer?

You can use the “Message” feature on Members within the ErranderWeb® platform only.

Or once you have confirmed your errand completer you can exchange your contact details.

Is there a registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee.

Can I edit my errand once posted?

After you have posted an errand, it will be live for 48 hours after which it will be automatically taken down. If you want your errand to be live for more than 48 hours please upgrade to featured.

By upgrading to featured you will also be able to edit your errands multiple times.

You can upgrade your errand task to featured at a cost of $5 per errand

What about reviews & ratings?

ErranderWeb® has a rating and review section after an errand is completed. This system enables future Errand Poster to make a better decision when selecting an Errand Completer. You as an Errand Poster will also be rated and reviewed by your Errand Completer too. We at Errander® use this information to improve user experience making Errander® a safe, comfortable, and convenient community. We take feedback very seriously.

How to make payments?

You are required to settle the Errand Fee with your Errand completer outside the platform.

If you want to make payments through Errander, Please download the app on the app store.


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